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 Knife Zone [AmxModX]

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MesajSubiect: Knife Zone [AmxModX]   Dum Apr 13, 2008 1:18 pm

You can create a small place in the map where people could knife with out bss. If your are in the knife zone you will be protected from bullets and you will automaticly switch your weapon to knife. After you make a zone it will save the origin to config/knifezone. This will load the knife zone(s) (that you already made) automaticly when you load the map again.

[New Features]
. Menu system
. Multiple knife zones
. Protection delay
. Grenade protection


amx_kzsize (D: 140) - adjust the size of the zone
amx_kzgrenprotect (D: 0) - remove's grenades from the zone

From the settings ^above^ ( Such a bad example )

[Admin Command]

amx_kzmenu - Opens the knife zone menu (ADMIN_LEVEL_A)

. Must create a directory called knifezone in configs directory
. Must be alive to make a zone
. If you have the older version, you must rename KnifeZone directory to knifezone and kz.spr to knifezone.spr OR just download the new package

[Modules Required]
. Fakemeta
. Engine

Get Knife Zone(.amxx file) from
Get from
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Knife Zone [AmxModX]
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